Independent Economic Advisers (IEA) Inc. is a limited liability corporation based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. IEA began as a software consultancy in 1995 called Rocky Point Software Inc. Since 2007, we have increasingly focused on providing economics related data and consulting services, so now the firm operates as Independent Economic Advisers (IEA). We continue to provide both economics and software services.

IEA's clients for economics-related studies include: Health Canada, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Carleton University, Gowlings Lafleur Henderson, TNS Canadian Facts, Robinson Research and others. Software consulting clients include: Nortel Networks, Computing Devices Canada and Excalibur Systems.

We welcome partnerships with other consultants and software firms.

Dr. Rose Cunningham leads our economic research and consulting activities. She holds a Ph.D. in economics and is an experienced policy researcher and consultant. Prior to joining IEA in 2007, Dr. Cunningham was a senior economist and forecaster at the Bank of Canada. In that role, she performed policy research on housing markets, credit rationing, inventory investment, labour force participation rates and a variety of other topics. She also monitored developments in the U.S. macroeconomy and produced short-term and long-term forecasts using a variety of models. Working papers that Dr. Cunningham prepared while at the Bank of Canada can be viewed here.

Dr. Cunningham worked previously as an economic consultant, beginning in 1993. Most of her consulting career was spent as an associate with TNS Canadian Facts Social and Policy Research (formerly ARC Applied Research Consultants). As a consultant with TNS, Dr. Cunningham worked on numerous projects, contributing to the econometric analysis and other quantitative components of studies for HRSDC, Finance Canada, Environment Canada, Health Canada, and many other clients. Some examples of consulting studies Dr. Cunningham conducted with TNS are shown here.

Mr. Brian Finch leads our IT and sofware development work. Mr. Finch founded Rocky Point Software Inc., now IEA, originally as a software consultancy in 1995. He currently provides IEA with C++, Perl, MySQL, and other programming skills. In particular, he has built our web-based data products, Macrospect and Open Interest. For these projects, he developed C++ and Perl applications which download and parse economic or financial data from numerous internet sources and converts them into a consistent format. For Open Interest, he also developed a C++ program which applied the Black Scholes and binomial option pricing models to U.S. and Australian option market data. More recently, Mr. Finch designed and implemented Macrospect's relational database schema and designed a web-based subscription service with live graphing and display tools. The Macrospect database contains over 175,000 timeseries.

His previous software consulting experience includes many telecom and defence-related projects. Specific assignments include: developing automated testing systems, middleware, embedded system development, digital signal processing, patching, daylight savings time transitioning, and building logging systems. Prior to founding the company, he was a contract software developer at Bell Northern Research. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from McGill University and a Master's Degree in Computer Science from University of Waterloo.